colour yourself


colour up! is what thezoo wants to add on underwear.

Last week we were shooting thezoo thefirst - our joyful collection of comfortable underwear for women who care - care about details, care about materials, care about origins and crafts and above all - care about themselves! We don't need to please anybody else but we do need to enjoy all the wonderful moods life offers us.

The yellow - when a ray of sunlight hits us in the morning.

The soft pink - that gently caresses us in the beginning evening.

The orange - love the legs of flamingos!

The evening petrol - that is warm yet kind of distant.

The red - of self confident lips smiling

The blue and green - that always makes me long for spring to come.

There are so many colours that hit me everyday everywhere. I have this addiction to capture it in my brains, in my camera, in my drawings. And I just love to wear it, sometimes only knowing it myself and carying with me like my personal hidden treasure.

Love the treasures of Nina our stylist! How fantastic to colour our beautiful women on the set. Makes me think why we don't do it more often every day...

Nina painting Mailka. Just amazing what she can do with her tools.

Wearing colourful underwear is like painting yourself. Is like putting yourself in the right mood. Is like correcting your moods, follwoing your moods. It's your very personal pleasure - and those are the best ones.... in my opinion.

Love the bloody hands!

Colour up! Life's too short to sink into grey...

thezoo is colouring the fantastic dancers and it changes out moods.